Flora and fauna in Gemona del Friuli and surroundings

A voyage of discovery of the green heart of Gemona and its natural beauty.

It will be love at first sight when you set eyes on the natural beauty and landscape all around gemona del friuli.

Such beauty! Gemona is a true oasis of peace for everyone who comes to visit. The area offers a great variety of experiences: climbing its winding roads by mountain bike, strolling along well-trodden pathways in discovery of our heritage of art and nature, hiking along the old mule tracks or just resting in the shade of a centuries-old tree.

territorio Sant'Agnese

Making your way along the path slowly, enjoying the hidden beauties of the Gemona area, such as the special blooms of summer, when the yellow flowers of  dwarf broom appear alongside  purple broom and other broom  varieties.

Nature changes the colours of the landscape, as vast meadows are bounded by trees, shrubs and stands of black pine. Grassy plants capable of withstanding drought survive in even the driest spots give a clearly Mediterranean look to the cliffs of the Glemine and the northern bank of the River  Grideule.

Climb slowly up to mountain huts and shelters with breath-taking views. Enjoy the scent of the fresh mountain air. Hike trails combining natural beauty with historic buildings, such as the old church of sant'agnese the ruins of the ancient heritage, or the Fort of Monte Ercole, where lizards scamper away to hide between the stones of the abandoned walls at the sound of footsteps. The Plain of Gemona, il route of the Tagliamento and Ledra, the Cuarnan and Cjampon, mountains are all nature trails worth visiting more than once.

Recommended reading

Geology, flora, fauna and landscape of the Gemona area

The area’s great natural beauty is explained in a well-known volume: Geologia, flora, fauna e paesaggio del Gemonese (Geology, flora, fauna and landscape of the Gemona area), edited by Federico Sgobino, Giuliano Mainardis and Enrico Chiussi (1983).

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