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Outdoor sports and active tourism in Gemona del Friuli

What is active tourism? Gemona offers a convincing definition of the term, offering numerous possibilities for outdoor sports and confirming its status as a special destination for fans of mountain sports.


Trekking is much more than a stroll along a nature trail in Gemona!

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Gemona del Friuli is a true hub of cycling in the province of Udine, located right at the crossroads of the main cycling routes in the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia

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For fans of the water and the outdoors, combining a hobby with relaxation.

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Gemona has adventure sports to offer, too! paragliding is practiced here, with a flying school, special events and two-seater sight-seeing flights from mount Cuarnan

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Ragazza che fa trekking a Gemona

Il trekking a Gemona

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Bike a Gemona

Bike a Gemona

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Vista aerea parapendio Gemona


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Gemona: a place with a thousand faces

Once you get to Gemona, you can explore the area around the town by bicycle: the perfect means of transportation for getting around while remaining in contact with nature. On our biking page you’ll find plenty of splendid itineraries to pedal along at a leisurely pace, mountain-biking routes requiring more strength and training, and information on cycling events that take place in Gemona during the year.

But you can also discover the area on foot, and many consider trekking the best way of getting to know people and places, so here is a collection of itineraries: Trekking in Gemona.

Adventure sports

Not everyone knows that Gemona has plenty of adventure sports to offer, too!  Paragliding to see the town of Gemona from above, with a paragliding school organising events and two-seater tourist flights from Mount Cuarnan. Then there’s the fitness path, offering a series of 14 sporting activities right in the town centre.

Gemona del Friuli and its surroundings offer plenty of waterways and lakes for sports fishing of all kinds: spin fishing, carp fishing and fly fishing .  

Itinerary in evidence

Troi dai Cincent – Ring walk of Mount Glemine

Unique rocks, breath-taking views and the Petri River

  • place start: Gemona, 270m – CAI 716
  • straighten length: 6Km
  • height altitude difference: 500m
  • schedule duration: 3h 00m
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Gemona Cathedral


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